A wide skill-set to apply

We can lead your project and bring them to completion and in a various areas adding our experience into your organisation. If a wider skill-set is needed our network is extensive. As we understand both how to manage projects and people, we can handle a number of tasks and situations. In addition we can utilise the Lean Sigma toolbox to ensure that the right methods are applied.

About OMProject

The team

Olle Wannerberg

Olle Wannerberg
VD, Senior Projektledare & Rådgivare

Civilingenjör & Licentiat, Kemi

Mångårig industrierfarenhet
Helikopterblick och driven i att leda grupper/organisationer (även UK)

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Mats Gustafson

Mats Gustafson

Civilingenjör Automation
Black Belt Lean Sigma

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Lean Sigma – LXI
Anders Eidergard, Black Belt Lean Sigma


CMC utveckling & dokumentation –
Scius Pharma support
Fredrik Nicklasson, PhD


Medical Device & IT – QAdvis


Kvalitetsfrågor – Monocl
Anja Broeders, Seniorkonsult


Inhalationsutveckling – Medicon Valley Inhalation Comsortium, MVIC AB
Medlem i MVIC AB tillsammans med 23 företag inom inhalationsbranschen.


OM Project har ett stort kontaktnät med många erfarna specialister.